Vegas Night

at the Quarry Lake Casino

is being rescheduled for August 2021


​But in the meantime .....

Start looking for that perfect outfit. Are you a showgirl, an Elvis impersonator, a millionaire who lights his cigar with a $100 bill, an oil-rich cowboy, a farmer visiting the big city for the first time, or maybe a mobster? Tap into your secret persona.

TICKETS - The number of tickets will be limited.

ENTERTAINMENT – We are thinking - a Real Vegas show

GAMBLING? – What would Vegas be without gambling?

FOOD – Oh yes. We are thinking about a real Vegas style buffet.

ACTIVITIES - Maybe another Wine Pull, or perhaps a Silent Auction. How about Dancing? We are so full of ideas. We would love to hear what you want.

In the meantime - check out the original Elvis singing Viva Las Vegas and one by ZZ Top. That should get you in the mood.