The Perchie Press 1993

January 29, 1993 – Supreme Court rules Island Excise Tax unconstitutional. Dubious Duplex Dilemma Deepens as the lawsuit brought by Jake Martin against the Village took an unexpected turn when Island citizens filed a motion to intervene to have an out of court agreement ratified and the case dismissed. The new zoning code hearing is set for Feb. 13 and the entire text of the code is included. The School Board takes the suit filed by Donna Farmer to a higher appeal court. The court found she was improperly fired. A new large housing development is in the planning stage near Titus Road and Division Street. Plans to be presented to a special Planning Commission meeting. To include 300 dwelling units. Kellstone wants a portion of Bookerman Road vacated.

February 26, 1992 – A 7 mill levy and parking fee sought to replace unconstitutional Island Excise Tax. The Motion to Intervene has not been decided. Names mentioned: Jake Martin, Randy Strickler, Dan McGookey, Ted Terry, Robert Coulon, Dan Martine, Rob Watkins, Richard Sennish, Don St. Julian, Donna Farmer, Don Alexander, Ester Sennish, Charles Moore, Chris Wetzel, David Phinney, Jerry Taylor, Robert Stoup, Ann Ludu, Marian Shanko, Thomas Terry, Bud Minch, Pamela Betzenheimer and Ted Klonaris. New Zoning on fast track with very few changes. Henry T. ‘Hennie’ Beatty, 91, obituary. Transfer Station bills went out, fee is $85 and by the pound charge. Ed Curilla questioned accuracy of BFI invoicing. Village defends Transfer Station fees in suit by Gary Finger. The Police handled two motor vehicle accidents, two hunting complaints, a theft and a broken window. Photo of car being pulled from water at the end of KIFBL dock. A personal  letter about Hennie. Small article about Arnold Scheely and how Marge Neucomb bought Arnold’s house from Father Ehrbar. Randy Strickler is reappointed. Paul Johnson appointed to Board of Public Affairs (Water Dept.). Tap in fees raised from $750 to $1000 and $1250.  Council considered new blasting ordinance. Last season’s boat fire litigation continues as Village files suit to recover costs incurred.

March 26, 1993 – The new zoning ordinance is in effect. Village financial future uncertain, considering tax levy. Erie County Health Dept. to hold winter clinics on Island. All unpaved roads are full of mud, particularly Harbor Lane. Developers are ready to move on the Titus Rd/Division St. development and begin with condominium portion of the project. Planning Commission denies land split request from Bob Gruly to separate house next to Bag the Moon with Portside Marina. A garbage truck may be in the Island’s future. Easter Egg hunt sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. New Park Board gets $4,912 grant to install a fence, a bench and a play complex in the downtown park. Obituary for Mary Jean Schwartz. “Speaking of the Pot calling the Kettle Black” letter from Ed Kuchar citing problems with Jack Terry, his brother Ted Terry and son-in-law Edward Curilla. Councilman Bud Yoscovits challenges minutes from last council meeting. He questioned what constitutes a quorum and a majority. Auxiliary police force proposed. 1993 fund appropriations. Water Dept. to clean 8,200 feet of water line.

May 1, 1993 – Claims against Ted Terry for dumping sewage are investigated and dismissed by the Erie County Health Dept. Claims made by Ed Kuchar in letter to the paper. Water Dept. sends letter indicating no contamination was found and water is safe and Health Dept. notes regarding the investigation appear. Donna Farmer lawsuit to be decided by Ohio Supreme Court, based on the validity of the review process. Previous case involved providing transportation to the mainland for students.  Council passes a re-engineered version of the Business License based on payment of Personal Property Tax list, increase from $25 to $100.  Council holds hearing on Kellstone’s bid for the Village vacating Bookerman Road, offering dead-end cul de sacs, a tonnage rebate to the Island, and other inducements. The new Zoning Map is approved by Council. House numbers have to be up before June. Josh Van Orman appointed to the Air Force Academy. Zion United Methodist Church celebrates centennial. Police Chief Ron Schnittker response to poor coverage accusations. The Water Street Café undergoes major renovation including a brick exterior.