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​​January 22, 1992 - Late November dynamite blast orchestrated by Ted Terry, Ed Curilla and Kyle Paine has roots in lawsuit by Ted Terry and Judy Weintraub. Jack Terry is zoning inspector. Kellstone halts stone sales. Farmer wins suit against school board and gets her job back. Shadle elected to Council (Machiavelli would have been proud) as Council members manipulate quorum and meetings. Island phone book to be produced. Two petty thefts at the Island market and airport. Popeyes to be renamed Kelleys Cove. Virginia Neuman opens a new gift shop called Lighthouse Gifts on Neuman’s Dock. Annalee to manage. Winter returned and the Erie Isle (used to ferry quarry workers) was mired in ice. GTE makes 2nd installment on grant to study business development opportunities for the Island. B&B’s to sponsor tour of all 7 inns and hold a bike rally. Randal Strickler selected as new Village Solicitor. Photo of work on the new KIFBL dock.

February 14, 1992 – The Fireman’s Ball. Voter challenges in the offing as Charlie Moore begins challenging up to 100 individuals. New Transfer Station rates in effect. 911 house numbers being assigned.

Does Fireperch start fires? Or put them out?

February 29, 1992 – The Shirley Irene begins ferry service from the Sandusky dock-$3 per person one-way; Councilmen question mailing of transfer station bills to residents but not businesses and the lawsuit is mentioned. A list of those businesses appears totaling $5,325. Report on February’s School Board meeting. Fireman’s Ball a success in spite of the weather. Mayor Haas complains about Perchie Press reporting. The Port Hole has been sold to Ken and Kathy Reddinger. Police Chief Ron Schnittker denies an increase in break ins.

March 20, 1992 – Transfer Station usage fees increase 67%. Voter Challenges: 48 people called to public hearing and the list appears. Village audit report release. Council switches to monthly meetings. The Porthole is now Bag The Moon Saloon. The Harbor Line ordinance passes. The Village Funds 1992.  Review of Caroline DeBoard’s book: Beyond the Brink: A story of hope.

April 17, 1992 – Master Plan Shore District public hearing to be held.

April 24, 1992 – 911 to begin May 5. Transfer Station changes fees, how to administer them, etc. Businesses are required to register for the Excise Tax. Moral Turpitude was defined.  Henry Beatty is 91 years old. EMTs seeking recruits. Private clubs and liquor laws. The Glaciers are still affecting the lake and the land. School audit cites former School Board Treasurer Sharon Miller for phone calls as does the Village audit. Grant money received to widen and repave Woodford Rd. from Harbor Lane to the Lake. State to make repairs to SR 575. E/W runway widening should resume.

The Perchie Press is one year old  - and talks like a one year old, and crawls like a one year old, BUT watch out for the terrible twos.

Vol. II, No. 6 missing

May 8, 1992 – Shoreline zoning passes but the Port Master Plan is stalled. Caddy Shack, Bag the Moon Saloon and the Casino all opened in May. Matso’s Place – The Lodge recently sold and is now the Water Street Café. Bob Neubrander (proprietor of Captain Bob’s in the General Store) will manage. Kelleys Cove (formerly Popeyes) now open. Davids and Southwinds gift shops scheduled to open as well as Lighthouse gift shop at Neumans dock. There is also a gift shop at Seaway Marina. Transfer Station cuts hours. Curfew for minors 17 and younger now in effect (11:00 pm). Zoning Appeals Board denies two requests for variances – Dick Sennish for C2 set back and Robert Schnittker’s garage within the 10 ft setback. Girl Scouts pitch in and pick up. K I Landowners Assoc. host ‘meet your neighbors picnic.’ Section of Master Plan no. VI-Land Use. Island starts in two videos. The Water Dept. offers springtime water tips. Lake Erie size compared with other lakes.

May 22, 1992 – Update on Island construction. Zoning Hearing sizzles and fizzles on procedural issues. D-Day for Port Master Plan (has second reading with very little discussion). Council approves purchasing some new office equipment. Lentz trial schedule for June 8 – multi-million dollar civil suit against the Village and others brought by Edward Lentz. Lentz claimed civil rights were violated by Village police officers in 1989. Lentz was shot 3 times and attacked an officer. Transfer station rates refined and modified. Three break-ins discovered. Kids story time series at the library. K I Historical holds an encore reunion of Lake Erie Commercial Fishermen: Henry Beatty, Ron Beatty, Ben Elfers, Jack Betzenheimer and Dick Sennish reliving some of the good old days fishing. Matso’s Place changes to the Water Street Café. Information from Chapter X of the Master Plan. A list of zoning permits appears. Unk’l Diks to be built.

June 12, 1992 – The Class of 1992 – Pam Haig, Mike Ludu, Ray Mansell Jr. Photo of Memorial Day at the cemetery, VFW Post commander Joe Onders. Portable toilet placed at airport, rental and weekly cleanout donated by Ed. Kuchar. Geraldine Betzenheimer is Postmaster (nice picture). A new business, The Island Fudge Shop opens. Churches sponsor vacation bible schools. Real estate photos and listings.

June 26, 1992 – The KIFBL to start service from Marblehead on July 1. Governor George Voinovich visits the Island. Boat explodes in Marina, a 6-year old boy was badly burned and was rescued by Terry Johnson the Casino chef. The KI Fire Dept. remained on the scene for two days and Sunday night as the fire kept reigniting in different areas of the boat. Ramie Dick replaced Chuck Herndon as Planning Commission chairman and Marcie Mielke was elected Secretary. Lentz trial delayed. 911 still not active. KIHA will host an art show at the church. Catherine (Kay) Bozic obituary. Police conduct safety check and drug investigation training. Transfer Station hours and recycling rates change. The Port Master Plan passed. Road repairs are needed. Ken Neufer no longer Airport Manager, claims removal is revenge due to conflict with Jake Martin. Landing fee box missing since January. Paving complete at the airport. Second Jet Express put into service. A neophyte goes charter fishing. List of recently issued building permits.

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July 24, 1992 – Forget Jake! Cite the Whole Council. Recap of Lorain Journal article in which Ted Terry wants to remove Jake Martin from Council, particularly because of the duplex built on Woodford Rd. there were conflicting verbal comments, Council tried to pass new zoning with a hearing, and the square footage was under review. Dynamiting by Ed Curilla on Huntington Lane touches off big bang conflict which ended up in court. Backtracking and corrections occurred as no one seemed to be familiar with what the code actually said. Harbor Lane on top of list for paving. 1993 budget appears. Council agrees to ‘take action’ against the deer on the Island. Island magician, Leo L. Goldner honored. Unpaid transfer station fees head to court. Craft’s zoning request denied; proposed from R-1 to C1 for Craft’s Bait Shop (but not the area on the other side of the road). New set of fees to rent Village properties. What about liquor in the town Hall.

The Perchie Press begins publishing monthly.
August 21, 1992 – The Civil Air Patrol schedules search and rescue simulated emergency, which turned into a real disaster scene off Long Point. Mentioned are Ron Covert, Javier Melendez, Ron Schnittker, Underwater Research Assoc., Paul Buescher and Jack Wade. Dubious Duplex Dilemma Drones On – The battle over the duplex on Woodford Rd continues in several articles and a long letter to the editor. Mentioned: Chuck Herndon, Jake Martin, Jack Terry, Buddy Yoscovits, Edward Kuchar, Russ Matso. Police and EMTs handled over 90 calls and made 82 arrests. Pat & Lori Hayes host their Annual Victorian Lawn Party. Police Dept. held a Jail & Bail fund raiser at Homecoming. List of building permits issued. Sidewalks installed in in 1987 and involved in a lawsuit nearing a settlement. Mentioned: Randy Strickler, Lee McDermond, Ed Curilla, Jake Martin, Russ Matso. Outside prosecutor hired in case against Ed Curilla, cited on three occasions for allowing stone to be removed from his property on Huntington Ln.  Shannon Road to be vacated. Joseph Onders obituary.

September 25, 1992 – Jake Martin files lawsuit over duplex. Public opposed to changing sq. ft. in ordinance. Letter outlining specifications for dwelling units submitted by Jack Terry, Bev Johnson, Marcy Mielke and Dave Van Auken. A complete text of the lawsuit is included.  The September meeting of Council dominated by Personnel issues. Park Board: Bruce and Leslie Korenko and Paul and Vicki Finnegan. Airport Manager: Ken Haig replaced Ken Neufer. Water Superintendent: Bruce Korenko. Planning Commission: Ralph Wilms. Bud Minch speaks at Council against Jake Martin. Article on recalling a Council person. Mayor Haas wants a noise ordinance. 3rd Wellness for Women Retreat. Bruce Korenko named Water Plant Superintendent. Recent building permits list. Assessed waterline project finally underway to start in Spring: Sweetbriar Subdivision, Woodford, East Point, Martin Lanes and McGettigan. EMS to bill for services. Court upholds availability fee at Transfer Station. Several real and alleged incidents involved gun fire have been reported. Paving and waterline issues. 911 finally operational. A story about Christopher Columbus.

October 30, 1992 – Elections 1992. Martin suit – It’s in litigation. Violation notices posted but no citation yet. Over 100 residents sign a petition demanding enforcement of the laws of Kelleys Island in a uniform and equitable manner. Text in shoreline zoning to be modified. Jay Johnson writes about his first trip to Kelleys Island in 1955. Draft Noise Ordinance considered. Died: Josephine (Pohorence) Krizek, Oscar Bilodeau, and Harold Neuman. Shannon Way is abandoned. The Planning Commission considers massive and sweeping changes to zoning ordinance. Road paving to start. Sidewalk suit settled in August;  the assessments “were in excess of the benefits conferred upon such parcel” and relief was due to all property owners who were assessed.

November 1992 - missing

December 5, 1992 – Change of use for Annaliese’s Treasure Chest approved. Village awarded Issue 2 funds for E. Lakeshore. Council caves in on duplex lawsuit and discusses Curilla situation. Zoning code changes needed. Ambulance building is renovated; EMT President is Sally Dwight. Airport Manager & Street Commissioner jobs merged, John Kuyoth appointed. Planning Commission to ask Erie County Health Dept. to take action on several nuisance properties. Zoning Map accepted. Another structure erected without a permit on Melody Lane by Jake Martin and owned by Ed Kuchar. No septic permit secured.