The Perchie Press


May 1, 1991 – Vol. 1, No. 1 – The First Issue.  Three tax levies on May ballot; After 7 years and 4 months, Police Chief Charlie Moore resigns. He was the driving force behind the establishment of the Island EMS squad. The MV Shirley Irene made its first trip. The first passenger was Captain Joe Nesta’s dog. Jack Terry appointed as Zoning Inspector. School board drops Donna Farmer’s contract. Fees raised for gold carts, mopeds and bicycles rented by island businesses. Transfer Station fees and rules change - 50 cents a bag to dispose using special bags. Recycling now available. The philosophy of The Perchie Press.  What happens if a community runs out of money and defaults. Planning Commission approves a combination motel and retail store next to the Dwelle House. Third Condo building to start. Water line extension finally starts. Construction of State Park boat launch set to start. Women’s retreat. Welcome Back fish fry had a small crowd due to weather. Garden Club holds its first meeting. Planning Commission explains Master Plan.

May 15, 1991 – Vol. 1, No. 2 - Voters approve all three levies. My, What a Meeting as fireworks  start of several issues including EMT’s Resign over insurance issue (Sally Dwight, Gary Finger, Nancy Stoup and Kim Watkins) and Businesses oppose transfer station fees as debate rages on (Dick Sennish, Mayor McCullagh, Don Haas, Gary Finger. Island Students to host international event with tour of the Island. Buddy Yoscovits cited the fact that he wasn’t informed of or invited to the special meeting where he was removed from the cemetery committee. Complaints about speeding quarry trucks. A donated beer truck will be used for recycling. Rough Roads – the condition of roads, primarily Harbor Lane and which were dedicated streets. Division St. to be closed past the bridge at the State Park for construction of a parking lot. Island taxes – Jake Martin to talk with Treasurer of Erie Co. New police chief to be hired. Meetings: zoning Inspector hours, Review board, Planning Commission. KI Historical Society explains that contrary to reports, KIHA does not object to the building of docks, parking facilities and operation of the KIFBL. Marina gas pumps to reopen after replacement of underground storage tanks says Pat Haig. The West Bay Inn to be remodeled and renamed as the old Kamp Kelille sign comes down. Casino under new management: Denn7y Kaminski manager, Terry Johnson chef. KI Landowners meet to discuss zoning ordinance. Caddyshack to open soon: Danny Ahner building complex. Hancock Wood holds an open house. The KI Gardening Club met again: Bruce Korenko Pathway to be cleared for Lilac Walk off Ward Rd. Police Chief Charlie Moore’s retirement party (Buyd Minch, Rob McCullagh, Don Haas, Bob Gruly Kit Moore, Donna Farmer, Marge Newcomb and Don St. Julian. Aerial view of downtown and south shore.

June 7, 1991, Vol 1, No. 3 - The Cop (Ron Schnittker appointed Chief of Police), The Kid (The glass of 1991 is Joel Trainer, son of Joe and Sandy Trainer), and The Clerk (Jean Kuyoth elected Village Clerk). Memorial Day  events. EMT’s back on the job and elect new officers (Sally Fresch-Dwight, Cathy Coffman, Ken Neufer and Nancy Stoup). Village Audit underway due to change in Clerk position. Dumpty, Dump-Dump – the transfer station fee dispute continues. Recycling (beer) truck in use, but with some problems. Marina wins appeal and will install a Union 76 globe sign. Water system update: Tower refurbishment completed, New plant expansion, additional water lines and extending the water intake pipe. Historical Society hosts speaker James Mullen from OSU. Airport expansion engineering completed – to be bid. Women’s Retreat a success. KIHA hosts first annual plant sale. Fireworks donations sought. The Caddy Shack gets closer to opening. Tour of Homes cancelled. Alex Kovacs (of the Lions’ Den Gallery on the Casino Dock) creates print of island landmarks. Interview with Joel Trainer (by Josh Van Orman). Annual 5 and 10 k run. Report on field trip.  Results of Landowners and Poggemeyer meeting. 

June 21, 1991 – Some meetings that were and some that weren’t. The Caddy Shack opened for business but no liquor license yet. New Deputy hired (James Hobby). Dump fees overdue. Ken Neufer to run for Mayor. School Board reaffirms decision not to rehire Farmer after a 6.5 hour meeting. Islandfest theme is Patriotism. Neuman Boat Line offers discount ticket books. Map of state and museum holdings across the Island. A Kelleys Island montage poster is offered. Chamber Director Sandy Spayd Kilko resigns. 5 and 10 K runs a success. Ball team’s perfect record is broken to the Sonny S team.

July 4, 1991 – Council considers new fees: all vehicles using roads must get sticker, head tax, raising excise tax were suggested. Caddy Shack opens. Public meeting for Master Plan to be held. Village gets $8,000 grant for new airport waiting room building. Council to meet twice a month. The City of Sandusky boat cited for violation of noise ordinance. Two part time officers hired. Airport hosted 2nd annual Experimental Aircraft Assoc. Fly-in (70 planes). Hancock Wood Electric hosted an open house and the VFW held chicken BBQ. Update on Island business taxes. KI chamber hosts Tour of Homes (as KI Historical could not do it). Diamond Girls women’s softball team opened their season.

July 26, 1991 – Kellstone quarry lawsuit regarding removal of stone owned by Ted Terry on his property. Council reports additional taxes not likely and John Neuman threatens to put his payments in escrow until village cleans up its past dues and his letter is published. Island business taxes raised (created in 1993). The Fly Inn B&B was cited for a zoning violation for operating a club in a residential area (The Fly-Inn Pilots Club). Three felony arrests were made. Picnic tables ARE allowed in the downtown park. Neufer is out of the Mayor’s race. Brush fire on State land took 3 hours to put out. Water ban still in effect. Island Singers perform at the Methodist Church. VFW and Committee for Quality Education both sponsor chicken dinners. Village income and expenses listed for 1991. Shoreline zoning is discussed. Chamber recommends public restrooms downtown, opposes the 1% gross receipts tax until the village takes action to collect outstanding taxes as far back as 1983, and opposes the departure tax. Treasure Island day set. Zebra Mussel update.

August 16, 1991 - State to pay sidewalk assessment for new sidewalk along their property; master plan to be presented on August 24; 3rd annual International Poker run; representatives of Kellstone Quarry and the K I Ferry Boat Co. estimates excise tax receipt. Council candidates-Roger Carroll, Marcy Coulon, Ila Dick, Chuck Herndon, Chris Yako and Buddy Yoscovitz. Coast Guard to enforce new decal fee for boats 16 ft. or longer; Firelands Doctor considers serving the Island; Kelleys Island Dental Service starts-Dr. John T. Miller and operates out of the Quarry Condos. Work is progressing on water plant upgrades with an assessed project for Martin Subdivision, McGettigan Lane and Sweetbriar subdivision. Master Plan introduction, goals and demographics. Homecoming schedule, KICC sponsors photo contest, The Inn hosts a Victorian lawn party, The KI Diamond Girls softball team; Islandfest photos, Airport grant received.

August 30, 1991 - Vol. 1, No. 8 - November races draw a crowd just before the filing deadline. Jake Martin and Ken Neufer back out of Mayor race, Chris Yako, Kyle Paine, Ted Terry, Rob McCullagh and Don Haas filed for Mayor. Two Council seats: Chuck Herndon, Bob Gruly, Roger Carroll, Ila Dick, Marcie Mielke, Ken Neufer and Buddy Yoscovits. Shore District zoning sinks part of Port Master Plan. Public meeting on assessed waterline to be held. Police update, boat noise ordinance, butterfly Festival set. Port Master Plan Public Hearing. Dr. Boker back from N Dakota where he offered his services to the Chippewa Indian reservation. Chamber of Commerce update. Photo contest. Two land use maps and the section on the Shore District appear.

September 13, 1991 – The qualifications of some registered voters to be challenged. Griffing to raise airfare from $12.50 to $14.00 each way or $28 round trip. Butterfly Festival sponsored by the K I Historical Assoc. will be held Sept. 14. Estimate of 1991 General Fund Revenue. Lisa Yako receives commendation letter from Ohio State. Softball game-The Old timers vs. The Girls. Map of Flood Hazard Areas, B & Bs, and Executive Summary from Master Plan. List of Registered voters.

September 27, 1991 – KI Ferry boat Line ferry gets approval for their Island dock. Break-in at the Porthole restaurant results in arrest. Number of Mayoral candidates to be pared down, full list of candidates appears. Highway 575 to be resurfaced and west dock bridge to be widened. Petition containing 275 signatures requesting Council not to abandon the lake shore road [Monaghan] which Mr. Morse requested. Advertisement offers seasonal dockage for first time. 911 is delayed until February. Only three interested in EMS class. Morse barn remodeling (being done by Jake Martin) is challenged. Planning Commission discusses Shoreline plan. New teacher is Caryn Lee. New Chamber Director is Vicki C. Sullivan.

October 11, 1991 – Street Numbers assigned for 911 system. Don Haas elected Hancock Wood trustee. Airport construction work underway. Number of active candidates increases and results of Candidates Questionnaires shared for Ila Dick, Charles Herndon, Marcy Mielke, Ken Keufer, Carl ‘Bud’ Yoscovits (Mayor) and Pam Betzenheimer, Jessie Martin, Nancy Stoup (School Board). Mary Williams of Martin Lane passed away. More on the Shoreline proposal in the Master Plan.

October 25, 1991 - Two drop from Mayors Race, Voter Roster jumps 14%; Popeye’s robbed; Halloween events; the history of Standard time. Candidates for Mayor-Gary Finger, Don Haas, Rob McCullagh, Chris Yako, Kyle Paine and Ted Terry withdrawing. BPA Candidates-Beatrice Matso and Donna Farmer. Clerk-Jean Kuyoth.

November 12, 1991 – Don Haas elected Mayor; Chuck Herndon and Bud Yoscovits-Council; Pat Haig and Jessie Martin-School Board; Bea Matso and Dave Phinney-Board of Public Affairs; Jean Kuyoth-Village Clerk. Results of Island vote posted. Council raises its salary. Since Haas elected Mayor, his seat on Council is now vacant. Tax renewal passes. 6 members of a family denied registration.

November 27, 1991 - Photo of the KI Volunteer Fire Dept; School board selected Richard Knopf to fill vacant seat; Planning Commission discusses Master Plan, Shore Zoning changes; Claude A. Smith died on November 3; Cemetery gets new trees; Gale winds hit Island; new lights received for airport; Turkeys in Australia; 1992 softball season ends. Carole and Wally Kryznowek take over the West Bay Inn.

Give ‘em The Perch – Give the Gift that Keeps On Irritating.

December 20, 1991 - Marblehead drops dock objections to KIFBL new dock; Santa Claus visits Christmas Potluck, Airport and Waterline work delayed, Transfer Station running in the red; Haas sworn in as Mayor; Village attempts to recover salary overpayments; Council meeting attendance records; Village Solitary Lee McDermond resigns; Dandelions bloom in December; Friday night volleyball in the Town Hall; Dick Navorska explains his irritation of denial of proposed bait shop building on the shore; T-ball games; EMT class forming; New Years Eve parties at Matsos, the West Bay and the VFW. Albert Fresch, Dan Ahner and Dave Wolf threaten lawsuit against Planning Commission over Port Master Plan. More on the Master Port Plan and possible Wetlands.