The Building's History

The German Evangelical Reform Church was formally organized in October 1865. The parsonage, next door, was built in 1888, to fill the need for a residence for visiting ministers and later, a permanent minister. The land was purchased from Ann Twidney on August 13, 1888, for $51.00 for the .51 acre lot. The last official service in the church was the funeral for William Burger in 1942, who had served many years as Sunday School Superintendent.

The Betzenheimer family lived at the parsonage house all their lives, until Sis Betzenheimer/McKillips moved out around 2010.  After returning to the island in the 1940’s, Sis carried on the tradition of care and preservation of the Old Stone Church. Because of that commitment, she was granted life use of the house. That adds up to almost 90 years of Betzenheimer residency. The house consists of seven rooms; three bedrooms up and one down, living room, dining room, kitchen, cellar and porch. Truly amazing - it has a cistern to collect water but no plumbing. The kitchen sink has a hand pump and there is an outhouse in the rear of the church.

A Christmas Story

​Click HERE to read how 7 year old Lee Maag lit the candles on the Christmas tree and almost burned down the house in 1919.

Life in the Parsonage - what was it really like?

​Then click HERE to find out what life was like living in the Parsonage house without running water.

Its history lives on

In 2017 the Historical Assoc. set up a resale shop in the house, and for the first time, opened it up to visitors. This has proven very popular with visitors as they can score some great bargains and see what the house looks like, including that hand pump in the kitchen.

We welcome donations (no textiles or cloth items though) and we encourage you to visit often, as items rarely last a week before they are sold.

The Resale shop is generally open when the museum is open, however, we can arrange for someone to meet you if you want to visit during our closed hours. Please call Jodie at 419-350-1082 or email us at

HURRY - items truly do fly off the shelves!

The Parsonage Resale Shop 

Open during the season daily from 12-4 (or when the sign is out)

​The Volunteers who operate The Parsonage Resale Shop and historic Home want to thank you for your donations. However, do NOT LEAVE DONATIONS on the porch or steps of the home or on the grounds of the museum. There are signs on the doors giving you options for donating:

1. Call one of the names on the sign and we will meet you there to go through your things. We CANNOT accept everything, and WE have to pay to have them hauled away.
2. Please no large, old electronic items (TVs, VCR, computers etc).
3. CLEAN items before you bring them. We have no running water.
Remember, we are volunteers and even though we love providing this service to you, we value our time too. When we have to sort through and dispose of things left at the house when we were gone it takes away from our days and our families. Setting up an appointment really helps our hard working volunteers. THANK YOU