You don't have a say without a will

You know how important wills are - they help you organize your assets and assure that what you said you would pass on to someone actually gets to them.

Giving through your estate plan allows you to donate money or other property to a charitable organization, such as the Kelleys Island Historical Association, after your passing.

When the time comes, whatever property you flagged as being a planned gift will come to us, much like items or property you might have set aside for your children or grandchildren.

When you visited the Island you likely picked up a small piece of its history. While it holds memories for you, it might not for your children. Make sure that those items you always intended to bring back to the island actually do come back. Include them in your will.

Planned Giving ensures that you can continue to support those charities, either financially or through artifacts, that you supported in life. In addition, planned giving can have important tax benefits to your estate. Just like any charitable donation, planned gifts are tax-deductible. This means less of your property will be lost to taxes, leaving more to go to your loved ones.​

Build a lasting legacy. Remember to include the Kelleys Island Historical Association in your estate planning.