​​Memory Walk

MEMORIAL BRICKS - Why not become a part of Kelleys Island history and record your message for posterity?

​BRICKS ALREADY IN PLACE - This is a list of all the bricks that have been ordered and placed. The name column is generally the name that appears on the brick and does not reflect the name of the person who ordered the brick. This information might be found in the BRICK binder in the Museum Library if it was noted on the request. ​Current through April 19, 2016

Generally, the first bricks that were ordered are the ones located closest to the patio of the museum with more recent bricks are placed closer to the street. Each order for a brick has a sequential number, which should help determine the approximate location of the installed brick. Some bricks may have been moved due to requests to be located near another brick.

The Memory Walk took shape in May 2009 with a stone bench in memory of Betsy Walcott, given to us by the Mad Hatters. It took eight men to carefully hand carry the thousand pound granite bench to its new permanent location. Since then over 200 bricks have been placed remembering friends and family, honoring those no longer with us and recalling fond memories of Island visits.

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