1937 April – The Editorial Staff: Theresa Rudolph, Nadine Bickley, Henry Mazur, Bernice Murphy, Lawrence Betzenheimer, Anthony Bonchi, Helmut Boker. What are you doing this summer – an essay. April Birthdays: Walter Elfers and Alice Seeholzer. Musical Circus Planned – Bands play, students dance as circus performers. Organized by Miss Alheit and Miss Jackman. Senior Class Play Announced – Milton Blatt, Keith Blatt, Howard Brown, Mike Mazur, Floyd Kiefer, Ann Riedy, Ruta Seeholzer, Josephine Pohorence perform.
     The Honor Roll – Grade 1: Donald Perruchon, William Yoscovitz, Thomas Lange, Martin Bickley, Rosemarie Elfers, Laurel Brown, Miriam Schlesselman, Mary Alyce Clezie, Marilyn Blatt, Lyle Schnittker, Marilyn Smith. Grade 2: Gloria Orloski, William Lange, Robert Schnittker, Patsey Dwelle, Clare F.  Kosbab, Dena Bianchi, John Masur, Katheryn Schardt, Betty Hritsko, Gerry Beatty, Joyce Kikilick (Kekelik?), Bonnie Bickley, Elaine Martin. Grade 3: Teddy Bickley, Paul Brown, Esther Lange, Mary Alice Martin, Lloyd Matso, Dick Schnittker, Nancy Ward. Grade 4: Lyon Baumler, Donald Beatty, Ila Beatty, Clifford Brown, Joyce Erie, June Kurtz, Jack Lange. Grade 5: Max Schnittker, Lester Colbert. Grade 6: Frank Yascomber, Lawrence Sennish, Teddy Blatt. Grade 7: Clyde Beatty, Robert Volz, Roy Hamilton, Lawrence Walland, Pasqual Righi. Grade 8: Ardrila Ward. Grade 9: Lawrence Feyedelem, Dorothea Blatt, Ruth Beatty. Grade 10: Theresa Rudolph, Helmut Boker, Nadine Bickley. Grade 11: George Mazur, Kurt Boker. Grade 12: Ann Riedy, Josephine Pohorence, Milton Blatt, Keith Blatt.
     Local Speaking Contest – Martin Bickley, William Lange, Lester Colbert, Paul Brown, Pascal Righi, Roger Kurtz all won prizes. Judges: Mrs. Kenneth Cook, Mrs. Roland Brown and Mrs. B. W. Fenwick. Island News – Mary Durket, Stuart Ward, M/M Steve Feyedelem, Mrs. N. Fenwick. Trac k Boys Practicing – Milton Blatt, Mike Mazur, Mike Mervo and Howard Brown to participate in county track and field event. High School Boys’ and Girls’ glee club to have party at Haas house. Signs of Spring. News from the various grades.

1946 January (Probably) - Staff: Bonnie Bickley, Paul Brown, Lloyd Matso, Bob Schnittker, Don Perruchon, Bianchi, Tucky Elfers, Laura Seeholzer, Elaine Martin, Miss Abbott. Are We Real Americans – an essay by Miss Abbott. Juvenile Delinquency must be stopped – an essay by Martha Becker. Peek-A-Boo Peeks (gossip phrased with Wonder who/what, etc.- no names).  Around School – 1-3rd grade news: mentioned Jean, Shirley and Coletta, Jimmy Ernie. 4-through 8th grade news: mentioned: Christmas program. The Community War chest netted $40. Birthdays in December and January: Donna Lanyo, Bernadette McKillips, Nancy Ward, Laura Jean Seeholzer, Lloyd Matso, Don Erne, Nickie Bianchi, Geraldine Erne, Robert Seeholzer and Dick Navorska.  New School Board: Mrs. Jay Norris, Charles Schnittker, Marshall Mrs. Oliver Schlesselman and Dr. R. C. Hummell.
     Jan. 8 Lyle entered OSU. More boys received their discharges: Francie Pohorence, Herbert Bickley Jr., Teddy Blatt, Herbert Bickley Jr., Vicky McKillips and Frank Brown. Logan Bickley spent a leave with his parents. Dec. 20 Christmas Operetta held at Town Hall. Miss Jenkins had a caroling party for students. Lester Colbert and Billy Brown spent Christmas on the Island. Jack Lange a graduate of the 1945 class is in Guam. Honor roll – Grade 1: John Betzenheimer, Jack Schock, Nancy Bugel, James Erie, David Brown. Grade 2: Billy Erne, Shirley Seeholzer, Richard Bugel. Grade 3: Marilyn Martin, Sandra Elfers, Mary Ellen Beatty. Grade 4: Dominic Bianchi, Geraldine Erie, Gladys Matso, Carol Schlesselman. Grade 5: Ada McKillips. Grade 6: Ellen Bickley, Renetta Erne, Lois Lange, Mary Navorska. Grade 7: Hugh Lange. Grade 8: Titter Elfers, Frances McKillips, Virginia Bookerman. Grade 9: Jean Elfers, Martha Becker, Ruth Lange, Robert Seeholzer. Grade 9: none. Grade 10: Marilyn Blatt, Don Perruchon, Lucky Elfers, Miriam Schlesselman, Wally Elfers, Laurel Brown. Grade 11: Karl Beatty, Gene Bianchi, Bonnie Bickley, Elaine Martin, Bobby Schnittker. Grade 12: Paul Brown, Lloyd Matso, Laura Jean Seeholzer, Nancy Ward.
     A Miracle – essay on the Oregon Trail by Hugh Lange. Joke page. Advertisers: Kelleys Island Dock Co., Bills Barber Shop, Erne’s Trucking Taxi Service, phone 141, we haul anything. Monarch Wine Cellar phone 224, 145, 151


The Ki-Hi News was published by the Kelleys Island school students. Very few issues have been found. They are full of interesting news about the students and the community and our Island's history.