Kelleys Life Newspaper

Our Island Newspaper is called Kelleys Life. the Pilot Edition came out in  October 1999 and has been around since then.

While scanned issues are hard to find, we will post them as they come to our attention. Remember, we have a COMPLETE collection of Kelleys Life newspapers in our Museum Library if you want to read something.

These complete issues are presented in PDF format.


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2018 Nov-Dec (Missing, sorry)

2018 Sept-Oct

2018 August

2018 July

2018 June

2018 May

2018 Mar-Apr

2018 Jan-Feb


2017 Nov-Dec (Missing Sorry)

2017 Sept-Oct (Missing-sorry)

2017 August (Missing, sorry)

2017 July

2017 June

2017 May (Missing, sorry)

2017 Mar-Apr

2017 Jan-Feb (Missing, sorry)


2016 Nov-Dec (Missing, sorry)

2016 Sept-Oct

2016 August (Missing, sorry)

2016 July (Missing, sorry)

2016 June (Missing, sorry)

​2016 May

2016 Mar-Apr

2016 Jan-Feb

2009 - 2013 

We LOVE pack rats and want to thank John Fisher for digging through his files. He is the one who found all these old issues. Thanks John!

Kelleys Life 2013

Kelleys Life 2012

Kelleys Life 2011

Kelleys Life 2010

Kelleys Life 2009