January 1981 - Page 1: A Mouse In The Pot Of Bone soup by Caroline Taylor, Cliff Donley, Nancy Donley, Jerry Taylor, Steve McKillips, Chigger Hollow, Mice. Page 3: Obituaries: Dr. Rastus Huntington, Phyllis Huntington, Ruth Huntington Sullivan, Charles Sullivan, Ruth Ely. James P Holmes, Holly Michael, James Michael. Ruth Hefner Hunter, Patricia Cruse. Photo: Mr. and Mrs Kris Kurtz, Huntington Lane, James Russell. Page 5: Poem: by Linda Vogler, Photo: Bob Or Dick Volz. Birthdays: Carl Davings, Dewey Jones, Florence Pohorence Cittenden. Page 6: Poem by Arnold Elfers 1913. Photo: Picnic on Long Point for Employees of Lay Brothers Fich Company, Godfrey Schock, Oliver Schlesselman, Herman Schardt, Henry Schlesselman, Nelson Dwelle, Harold Keifer, Les Beatty, Butch Blatt. Page 7: Thanks…Euell Whisman, Rose Whisman, Orchard Haven, Chapel Street, Virginia Whisman, Eddie Karbar, Alan Kwiatkowski, Betty Kwiatkowski, Zion Church. Photo: Winter Scene on Neuman Dock. Kelleys Island (Friendship) Island Poem: by Martie Lorango. Page 8 and 9: Photo: Steamer ‘Alcot” in Ice. Leonard Bickley, Wedding, Commercial Fisherman, Earl Bickley. Page 10: Scenic Route To Kelleys Island by Arnold Elfers 1913. Travel information of the area around Kelleys Island. Page 11: Poem: The Call to Kelleys Isle by Arnold Elfers 1913 - The Development of The Grape and Wine Industry at the Island, Datus Kelley, Catawba Grapes, Wine Cellar, Louis Beatty, Kelleys Island Wine Company.
       Page 11: A Noteworthy Summer by Willie Shepard - Don Nowak, Donna Nowak, Casino, Bob Guly, Marine Grill, Mateo’s, Village Pump, Popeye’s, Kamp Kellisle, The Island House, Neumans, Navorska, Willie Band Wagon. Photo: Willie Shepard, Willie Band Wagon. Present on the last Ferry of the year, Dec 10th, Geraldine Betzenheimer, Jerry Bickley, Jeanette Kuchar, Oscar, Jim Seeholzer, Pat Seeholzer, Frank Pohorence, Laura Jean Pohorence, Florence Chittenden, Kim Watkins. Ingrid Nier, Norbert McKillips. Page 12 and 13: Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming: Jeanette Kosho, Ardrita Bickley, Herb Bickley, Agnes Hach, Emil Hach, Laird B Holbrook, John Hoar, Evelyn Hoar, Earl Bowman, Betty Bowman, Rick Brian, Mary Brian, Eugene Yoscovits, Austin Biehl, Marion Biehl, Tom Saylor. Halloween Thanks: Maurice Shave, Wayne Finger, Bill Cockle, Mike McCune, John Neuman, Don Nowak, Donna, Norwalk, Claude Smith, Island Market, Denise Herz, Carol Stanford, Nick Bianchi, John Busch, Rob Watkins, Fern Dorchester, Ingrid Neir, Donna Farmer, John Kennedy, Julie Kennedy, Kim Watkins, Sharon Bianchi, Pat Seeholzer. Page 14 and 15: Community Comments by Coradine Myers, John Neuman, Challenger, Molly Yoscovits, Jackie Yocovits Fijal, George Yoscovits, Island Market, Frank Pohorence, Matso’s Bar, Lee  Myers, Ron Beatty, Community Christmas Party, Roy Fox, Joe Onders, VFW, Donna Farmer, Pat Seeholzer, Ronnie Myers, Secret Pal, Bea Matso, Marge Newcomb, Joe Feyedelem, Ray Feyedelem, Zion Christmas Program, Mary Walton, Florence McKillips, Lisa Matso, Kim Watkins, Robin Watkins, Elic Watkins, Mary Augusta, Ellis Hughes, K.I. Park Boss, Florence Chittenden, Warren Walton, Jake Martin, Lucille Mathews, Helen Marchky. Advertisements: Marine Grill and Motel, Dirty Don’s Casino. Back Cover: Photo: O Hugh Lange and BO.

February 1981 - Valentine Greeting, Photo: Alan McKillips, Mary Lou McKillips. Page 1: Early Memories of Kelleys Island. Sam Bauman, Kay Bauman, Madeleine Williams, Roger Williams, Castaway, Frank Brown, Ruth Brown, Helen Brown, Gini Keefer, Al Keefer, Milt Blatt, Ted Blatt, Josephine Pohorence, Mike Mazur, Joe Nader, Selma Nader Latiff, Kelleys Island Wine Cellar, Flying. Page 2: By Eddie Ryan - Liz Martin, Charlie Martin, Milt Blatt, Francis Williams, Roger Williams, Kay Blair Herndon, Kit Laylin, Bibber, Chuck Herndon, Theo Lange, Logan Bickley, Lee Brown, Helen Brown, Jeanette Lange, Knights of St. John, Saint Michael’s Church, Chippewa , Monarch Winery, Kris Kutz, Norman Hills, Alice Williams. Page 3: Photo: Don Nowak, Donna Nowak. Page 4: Bill Martin, Emmet Martin, Alice Martin, Bicycle repair shop, Village Pump, Martin’s Bar, Willie Martin. Page 5 and 6: Letters To The Editors: Peg Yuhas, Mary Lavelle, Claude Smith, Laurie Ehrbar, Del Ehrbar, LaVerne Ehrbar, Eileen Martin, Caroline Taylor, Edna Carroll, Al Carroll, Anna Courady, Robert F Myers, Marian Goldner, Heinz Boker. Council Highlights: Planning Commission, Unlicensed Cars, Town Hall, Bill Smith, Mary Schock, Michael Neuman, Mike McCune.
       Page 7 and 8: Ice Fishing: Molly Yoscovits, Photos: Jack Sennish, Bucky Harris, Del McCune, Liz Martin, Bill Overcasher. Page 9: Love Conquers All. Father Charles E Haley, St Michael’s Catholic Church, Jeanette Kuchar. Obituaries: Gene Haas, Dr. Haas, Jean Dwelle, Mary Helen Haas, Kathryn Taubert, John Haas. Page 10: Photo: Father Charles E Haley. Page 11: Newman Boat Line Schedule, Challenger. Page 12: Photo: Pat Gruly and Staff Page 13/14: Coradine’s Community Comments: Matso’s Bar, Snowmobile, Earl Daving, Henny Beatty, Russ Matso, Bea Matso, Ron Beatty, Hugh Lange, Kim Watkins, Ingrid Niters, Dan Niters, Pete Niters, Shawn Niters, Laurel Niters, Paula Haig, Pam Haig, Elic Watkins, Robin Watkins, Lisa Matso, Connie Matso, VFW, New Years Eve Party, Joe Orders, Martha Onders, Jake Martin, Jessie Martin, Milt Blatt, Pat Hobbs, Charlie Hobbs, Nora Zettler, pot luck, Pat Seeholzer, Bud Yoscovits, Zion Methodist Church, Jim Seeholzer, Ruth Perruchon, Bonnie Blatt, Pixie Schwartz, Flossie Block, Erin Elfers. Anniversary: Larry Eaton, Betty Eaton. Birthdays: Jeanette Kuchar, Mary Ann Sennish, Larry Sennish, Theresa Frobieter, Virginia Neuman, Carol Vogler Elfers, Marian Biehl, Julia Lesczynski, Tom Hearn. Land Transfer: Frances Watkins, Robert Watkins, Kim Watkins. Photo: Art Lange. Back Cover: It was a good idea anyway, Arnold Elfers Wonderful Soda Pap Machine by Eddie Ryan. Arnold Elfers, Pop Machine, Catherine Hamilton, Frank “Chick” Hamilton. Advertisements: South Shore House for rent, Marine Grill and Motel, Dirty Don’s Casino. M.P. McCune Realty, Hacker’s Wagon Wheel, Mielke Furniture Repair Shop.

March 1981

April 1981 - Photo: First Boat, Bob Miller, Corrine, Miller, Herman F. Maruschke Jr., Rosie Kadlec, Dick Kadlec, Brian Feyedelem, Martha Seaman, James Seaman, Andrew Pogan, Pam Betzenheimer, Bonnie Blatt, Theresa Busci, Nancy Kelley, Ted Blatt, Adam Elfers, Erin Elfers, Kerry Jenkins, Carol Vogler Elfers. More Kelleys island Memories by Eddie Ryan:Claude Smith Sr., Sam Bauman, Kay Bauman, Milt Blatt, Gini Keefer, Al Keefer, Art McKillips, Red Martin, Ed Parkinson, Steve Latzky, Ed Ward, Ester Ryan, Mrs. T.C. Hamilton, Burt Miller, Sam Myers, Sam Myers Garage and Service Station, Anna Mae Pape, Bill Martin.
       The Peoples Page: Frank Reinheimer, Burger Store, John Guerin, Father Maederm, Rev. Koehne, Ruth Towle, Dr. Lester Towle, Jeanne Schlesselman, Glen M. Hass, Jean Lichtenberg, Alfred Keefer, Florence Sabol, Austin Biehl, Frances M. Kolson, L. Dalpiaz, Clarence Mellinger, Anne Sennish, Nora Zettler, Allen McKillips, May Lou McKillips, Luanne Pohorence, Coradine Meyers, Jean Swindel, Hamilton House, Captain Frank Hamilton, Kathryn Hamilton, George Cleary, Jeannette Cleary, Patrick Hayes, Lori DeBoard, The Inn.
       The Kelleys Island Quarry Worker- .A history Written In Lime Dust by Carol Vogler Elfers. Photos: Toni Perruchon, Andy Erne.  Stone Crusher, Ben E. Tate Freighter, Howard Brown, Putty McKillips, Kelleys Island Lime and Transport, Albert Rudolph, Kathryn Martin, Andrew Sennish, Paul Nemethy, John Verock, Michael Angyak, Andrew Semanson, Mike Mervo, Mike Sabo, John Durkett, George Lenyo, George Washio, Bertha Heckel, Louis Righi, Matt Kennedy, John Bugel. Photos: Allen “Peachy” McKillips, Andrew Sennish, Norman Blatt, George Lenyo, Fritz Moeck, Herman Geyersberger, Emily Geyersberger, Paul Perruchon, Ray Kieffer, John Durkett, Mike Mauser, Mose Murphy, Mike Miller, The Tunnel, Frank Haig, Carl Brennen, Louis Righi. Larry Sennish, Photos: Larry Sennish. West Bay Dock.
       Highlights of Council: Tax, Fire Truck, New Roof on Town Hall, Kelleys Island Ranch and Lodge Project Homes. Mike McCune, Robert Ralston, Andrea Fuller, Jake Martin, Nick Bianchi, Steve James, Nick Bianchi, Ronald Beatty, Mike Seeholzer, Mary Schock, Jake Martin. Islanders Head For Sandusky Shopping Spree. Photos: Lloyd Marchky, Laura Jean Pohorence, Florence Chittenden, Mary Marchky.
       Coradine’s Community Comments: Zion Methodist Church, Lucille Mathews, Judy Myers, Bill Myers, Coralee Myers, Pixie Schwartz, Art Lange, Eileen Martin, Edna Carroll, Steph Kekelik, Maybelle Kekelik, Ethel Fox, St. Michael’s Church, Father Scherbno, Frank Pohoence, Laura Jean Pohorence, Kit Moore, Charlie Moore, John Neuman, Challenger, Ruth Schnittker. Sure Sign Of Spring The Ferrys are Running. Photos: Ray Fetedelem, Dick Kadlec. Rosie Kadlec, Geyesla Feyedelem. Don Erne’s Life Aboard the U.S. Hopper Dredge “Markham.” Birthdays: Tom Sayler, Chuck McCall, Martha Seaman, Joe LaLonde. Eileen Martin, Norma Blatt McKillips, Lydia Bechtel, Tom Ulrich, Charlie Pascoe. Anniversary: Keith Haig, Deb Haig. Advertisements: Dirty Don’s Casino, Marine Grill and Motel, Hackers Wagon Wheel. M.P. McCune Realty, Village Pump

May 1981

June 1981

July 1981

August 1981

September 1981

October 1981 - Meet Mrs. Margaret Sheehan (mentioned in the article: Allan McKillips, Patty & Bridget O’Rourke Leyden, West Bay Dock, Ted Leyden. She graduated Estes High School in 1912 – here is the class: Joe Myers, Nick Derringer, Helen Brown, Kathryn Foley (Hauser), Myrtle Smith, Myra Dodge, Venna Schaedler (Gill), Frances Miller, Dorothy Carpenter, Ralph White-Principal and William Conkle Supt. Also mentioned The Dock & Steamboat Co, T. G. Sheehan. Highlights of the council Meeting of Sept. 10, 1981 – Fire Roy Chief Roy Fox assisted by Bud Yoscovits, Robert Watkins, and Kim Watkins. Junk cars at the airport (Ken Haig and Franklin Clark). Nancy Kelley requests rezoning of property to commercial. Mayor Mike McCune announces new restrooms to be included in new building. Sally Fresch is VP of KI Business People’s Assoc., Windy from Kamp Kellile to hold clambake. KIHA to raffle water color painting. Bud Yoscovitz questions date for Flood Insurance Hearing. News from Put-in-Bay. Monarchs are migrating. Letters from Milt Blatt, Theresa Frobie, George Koscho, Jim & Betty James, Geraldine Betzenheimer, and Caroline Taylor. Others mentioned Josephine Bianchi, Eila Russell, Nick Bianchi, Eila Russell, Katie Boker, Sandy Bokerman, Jack Sennish, Don & Sue Clepper, Kaemphe Subdivision, Godfried Schock, Elmer Craft, M. Schnittker, Harvey Einhart, Arlene McKillips, Andres (Andy) Erne, Virginia Lincoln Miller, Helen Hauser Brown. Homecoming parade: Marshall Bockerman drives his dune buggy, Skydivers at the Casino Dock, John Kilko, Mark Jones and dog Brandy, Big Chuck and Little John, M/M George Sabo, Windy as Santa Claus, Amanda Elfers, Big and Farina Kekelik, Karen Erne, Anita Yurick. Toledo Marching Band.
     20-30 stranded due to ice-Mascot, Lay Bros. fishing fleet. Island Winners by Elko Sennish-April 23, 1934: Dorothy Blatt, Donald Beatty, Kurt Boker, Wilbur Ramsey, Richard Dwelle, Ruth Beatty, Roy Heckel, H. Boker, Nancy Brown, Roy Hamilton, Leon Baumler, Betty Jane Lange, Mas Schnittker, Clyde Beatty, John Lange, and Joyce Erne. Poem – Christmas in July by Geraldine Erne. Coradine Myers mentions: daughter Coralee, Mike McCune is new Mayor, Matso’s Place, Timothy House, Norma Blatt McKillips, Milton Blatt, Bob Shwindell, Warren Bartel, fran Minshall, Bill Minshall, Pastor Walton, Herman Schoenberger, Al Rumel, Lee Myers, Clayton Hughes, Ted Blatt, Bob Schnittker, Mos Shav e, Franklin Clark help insulate the pastor’s house. Also mentioned Mary & Godfried Schck, Del Ehrbar, Elmer and Rosie Craft.
       End of year: mentioned – Village Pump, Marine Grill, Jenny Mack, Roberta Hines, list of birthdays. Kay Boker returns to the Island. Baseball: Patio team beats Village Pump-photo includes Bill Orshawskik, Toni Longbrake, Wayne Majoy, Kevin Sakets, Tom Kaminskik Andy Pringle, Bruce Martin, Bill Morehouse, Don Dobias, Scott Young, Bill Getty, Ace, Lonnie Lamb, Ed Acres, Pete Longbrake, Ed Giest, Charlie Young, Meddie Malbaulf, Tom Coe, Eric Longbrake, Deno, and Erie Chonko.

November 1981

December 1981 -