August 18, 1979 – This issue is called Friends and features several islanders with their stories. Who is this Coradine Myers and where’d she come from. The glacial grooves - excavation began in 1972 to uncover the hidden grooves. Happy 50th anniversary to Logan and Catherine Bickley who were married on the Island, parents of Martin & Eileen Beerck, and sharing a little family history. Three generations share Jim (Pappy) & Eila Russell’s love for the Island; daughter Caroline (& Jerry) Taylor, son Cliff Donley. 19 young people gathered in the Village hall and, sitting in rocking chairs, rocked for hours for the painting fund of the Zion Methodist Church. Helen Winnen remembers all those who helped them when they lived here (Father Sherbno,Bert Miller, Pee Wee and Kim & Rob Watkins, Coradine and Jim Seeholzer. Bob & Pixie Schwarts, Ray Kladel, Ed Ondrak.A song about Kelleys Island. Harriet Farrar passed away May 29, 1979. Graduation day – Bert Miller and Coke, Vinnie Thorne, Vange & Jim Bugle (as Tony graduates), Jim & Pat Seeholzer (Mike) mentioned. Windy Richard Wingate turns Kamp Kellisle into a hostal for stranded students. Eleanor Liwosz recovering from broken ribs. Eileen Johnson’s husband Dewey died. John Neuman took him to McGruder. People dropping by to say hello: Bucky Harris, Roy Fox, Jakie Martin, Mary Schock. Storm demolished trees on Titus Road near W. lakeshore. A wall of water about 10’ high poured from the sky. Pastor Warren Walton is new Deacon, Mrs. Paul Eckert, Mary Walton, Coradine Myers and Bonnie Blatt were all hospitalized recently. Velma Betzenheimer announced her first grandchild (parents Mark and wife) named Alexander Betzenheimer. Sharon Bianchi and Kim Watkins open The Fish Net featuring hand crafted items on the Casino dock. Nancy Kelley – 9th generation Kelley, father was William Kelley. Spotlight on People: Marge & Al Rumal & uncle Tepley. Advertisement for Dirty Don’s Casino.