Published November 1978 through 1983

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1978 - see below







November 1978 – “Just when you thought you had lost all ties with the island for the winter, along comes a new publication which is designed to help you fight off the winter doldrums – The Kelleys Island Home Town News. A Bridge to the Past,” Nelson P. Dwelle who fished for Lay Bros. in the 1930-50s. Square Dance at the town hall. 2000 boy scouts camped on the island – 2nd jamboree. Tips from the tackle box of Glen Tetzloff. Photos from Third Annual Homecoming Day –KI Landowners Assoc. Featured: Lee Myers, Hank Knapp, Bill Gorchester. Jean Licytenbert and mother hand-embroidered quilt for their cottage. KI water tower welded inside and exterior painted.

December 1978 – Carol A. Elfers-Editor’s diary – events of the last month, Ben Elfers & Neuman boat Line hayride with Bob Swanson & John Kennedy decorated quarry road. Halloween at the cemetery featured Julie Kennedy , Hugh Lange, Chuck Pascoe, Loe Lalonde. Bingo at the VFW, bon fire. Police Chief Norbert McKillips had a birthday, Helen Marchky furnished cake. Other birthdays: L. J. Greek and Mary Schock. Summer wedding vows-Bruce & Holly Vash at Taylor’s Toehold, Joe Ehrbar, Tootie Elfers, Walters Elfers. Letters from Del Ehrbar, A. L. Rumel, Cleone Bloom, Theo & Franklin Clark, Teresa Frobieter. Picture of long line at Marblehead. Jeanette Kuchar recaps family history. Christmas Eve party 30 years ago: Les Beatty, Knapps, Fritz Martin, Orly Beatty. No Winter Doldrums by Mrs. Lee Myers. Obits for Laura Seeholzer and Amanda Rosfelder Karen Kazorek paints t-shirts. What’s Happening-mentioned: Henry Beatty, Dick, Jane, Mark Anthony Navorska, Mary Rosetta, Jerry & Marge Alaburda, Mary (McKillips) & Joseph Dolezal, Paul Matso, Barbara Knapp, Florence Block, Kim Kreimes, Harry Willis (State Park), Mike Seeholzer, Monica & Joe Feyedelem, M/M John Liwosz, Joan & Logan Bickley and Peggy Martin. Beckers Diary, Becker’s Barn and Elise Becker. Fishing update by Glen Teteloff.