Book closeouts

These books  are on sale for just $15.00 each and free shipping. Regular price is $16.95 and $17.95 and with FREE shipping you save $4.00.

Blood on the Water – The Great Lakes

During the Civil War by Frederick Stonehouse, 206 pages, $16.95 - Intrigue, conspiracy and plotting were thick and furious as the South desperately tried to attack the ‘soft underbelly’ of the Union – The Great Lakes (includes Johnson’s Island Prison). JUST 2 LEFT

They Had To Go Out – True Stories of America’s Coastal Life-Savers from the pages of “Wreck & Rescue Journal,” Forward by Frederick Stonehouse, 201 pages, $17.95 - Between 1878 and 1915, the surfmen and keepers of the U. S. Life-Saving Service rescued more than 186,000 people from certain death in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific, Gulf Coast, the Great Lakes and the Ohio River.

Women and the Lakes II – More Untold Great Lakes Maritime Tales by Frederick Stonehouse, 185 pages, $17.95 - Regardless of the activity, women were somehow involved, usually hidden in the shadows. These are some extraordinary exceptions.

Great Lakes Heroes & Villains by Wayne Louis Kadar, 201 pages, $17.95 - There were pirates who took ships and cargo by force or lured unsuspecting ships to run up on rocky shoals to be destroyed by the pounding surf, lumber thieves who would clear cut vast tracks of forest which they did not own and gangsters who controlled prostitution, illegal liquor trade, murder for hire, sale of drugs and anything else illegal and who would kill to protect their profits.

Keepers of Valor – Lakes of Vengeance by Wes Oleszewski, 252 pages $16.95 - A collection of absolutely true stories of real adventures, of real people and actual places on the Great Lakes. SOLD

Steel on the Bottom, Great Lakes Shipwrecks by Frederick Stonehouse, 215 pages $16.95 - Storms, collisions and human folly all played a role in sending big steel ships thundering to the bottom of the lakes – 8 dramatic stories about how they and their crews lived and died.