Kids books

ON THE TRAIL OF THE RED FOX by our own Jessie Martin, with art work by Martha M. Fresch. This hard to find book was published in 1999, it is hard covered and 67 pages. $12.95

GEORGIE THE JOVIAL GIRAFFE by Grandma Marian- A delightful children's story, written in lyrical rhyme, that explains how friendly persistence will win the hearts of everyone around. Bright color illustrations will capture young readers' hearts. Hardcover, 9x11, color illustrations by Donna Sott, 1985 $10.00

​BENI THE BASHFUL BEAVER by Grandma Marian - A darling story which teaches children how important everyone's help can be. Beni overcomes his shyness just in time to save the day for the other beavers.  A gentle moral at the end reminds us all one needs to succeed is to try.  Illustrated. All profits from Grandma Marian's books benefit the Kelleys Island History Museum. Hardcover, 36 pages, 9x11, color illustrations, 1987 $10.00

LOUIE THE MIRACLE ELEPHANT by Grandma Marian - This book was published by the world-renowned Toledo Zoo. It is basically a kids version of the TRUE STORY of the birth of an elephant at the zoo. The name Louie was selected from hundreds of ideas contributed by zoo patrons and people from the community. For some reason it comes with a warning about realistic depiction of the reproductive process but the book is extremely kid friendly and the reference is to one tiny illustration of a sperm cell and egg. Other than that, it's just cute artwork of the parents and baby elephant and nothing graphic at all. Hardcover, 33 pages, 9x11, color illustrations by Vanessa Snyder, published in 2006 by the Toledo Zoo $10.00

I MET A GIANT PANDA by Grandma Marian - Lyrical Rhyming text presents facts about pandas; their habits, food supply, and baby pandas. Reminds us how everything on earth is forever interlinked. Spiral bound paperback, 8x10, black and white illustrations by Anne Smiecik, 1988 $10.00

MRS. PAM POLAR BEAR by Grandma Marian - Grandma Marian mixes fact and fancy. You will learn what polar bears eat, their habits, their instincts and where cubs are born.  Mrs. Pam Polar Bear gives birth to her cubs in a cave in the snow and later risks her life to defend them from their worst enemy, man. Hardcover, 9x11, 34 pages, illustrated by Lorraine T. Sullo, 1989 $10.00

We know your kids will enjoy these books