​​​​​​Arts & Crafts Show

 Our Arts & Crafts Show is loads of fun - lots of happy people walk away with treasures. Want to participate?

August 7, 2021

Click HEREto download the application form. 

The space is free and, quite frankly, the show is a lot of fun.

Before the show you will need to secure a Village Itinerant Vendor's licenseand after the show you will need to file a Resort Tax report

Since several of our artists registered, but had to cancel, we are including them on our list. If you were looking forward to seeing them, let them know by email or visit their website for their "virtual' art show tent offerings.​​

Here are some photos from our 2019 show - If you didn't get something and now regret it - here are some of our vendors. Their contact info is below and they would love to hear from you.