This is Our Story

​​​​The Kelleys Island Historical Association (KIHA) was formed in 1980 with the primary objective of purchasing the Old Stone Church.​
       In 1865, German-speaking Protestants of Kelleys Island organized the German Reformed Church located on Division Street. After it was vacated in 1956, it suffered from neglect and deterioration. This historic church became the property of Historical Association in 1986. Repairs and maintenance to the church have been ongoing.
       In June 2010, the Association opened the doors to its new Museum, which stands on the location of the 'haul shed' that was used to house the horses and buggies while parishioners attended services in Church.

​The purpose of this association shall be:
1.       To bring together those people interested in history, and especially the history

           of Kelleys Island;
2.       To collect contributions to operate a museum;
3.       To restore historical sites;
4.       To publish and sell historical publications;
5.       To provide education material and functions to the general public;
6.       To raise funds for the promotion of all the above-described activities; and
7.       Do all else that would be necessary or proper in the promotion of the

           above-described activities or related to the above-described activities.​

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Lydia Bechtel, Lois Brown, June Campbell, Mike Feyedelem, Don Haas, Chuck Herndon, Rick Holmes, Julia Kennedy, Sandy Kilko, O. Hugh Lange, Nadine Mack, Jessie Martin, Russell Matso, Florence McKillips, James Seaman, Roger Williams 


OUR CHARTER MEMBERS: Henry & Rosella Beatty, Ronald & Lydia Bechtel, Geraldine Betzenheimer, Lyle & Geraldine Bickley, Milton Blatt, Dr. Heinz & Catherine Boker, Nick & Sharon Bianchi, Kurt Boker, Evangeline Bonchi, Charles & Ann Brown, Nadine Brown, George & Jeanette Cleary, Robert & Helene Coulon, Marilyn Dauch, Robert & Dennis Davey, Stephen & Phyllis Davey, Dr. Ramie & Ila Dick, Jean Dwelle, Joel Feyedelem, Joseph & Monica Feyedelem, Michael Feyedelem, Raymond and Gizelle Feyedelem, Lizabeth Fresch, Donald & Anneliese Haas, Kenneth & Patricia Haig, Dr. Charles & Katheryn Herndon, Dawn Kekelik, Nancy Kelley, John & Julie Kennedy, Professor Richard Knoph [Knopf], Jo-Ann Kaneen, Arthur Lange, Ivan Lange, O. Hugh Lange, Mrs. Lewis Laylin, Helen Marchky, Lloyd Marchky, Mary Marchky, Charles & Jessie Martin, Mrs. Lucille Mathews, Russell & Beatrice Matso, Lisa Matso, Connie Matso, Paul Matso, Werner & Joan Minshall, William & Francis Minshall, Leroy & Corradine Myers, Michael & Sally McCune, Florence McKillips, Norbert McKillips, John & Catherine McManamon, Donald Nath, John & Virginia Neuman, Mary Norris, Robert & Elizabeth Overcasher, John & Barbara Ohlemacher, Rev. Roger & Alice J. Perl, Emily Perl, Iola Riedy, Al & Marge Rummel, Robert & Nancy Ritchie, Betty Ryan, Mary Schock, Clyde Schroeder, James & Patricia Seeholzer, Robert Schnittker, Ruth Schnittker, Claude Smith Sr., Norbert & Sue Stamm, Dr. Richard & Mary Ellen Wilke, and Shirley (McKillips) Woell.

Kelleys Island Chamber of Commerce

Portside Marina/Dockers Restaurant/Mrs. Magoo's
The Caddyshack & Buckeye Bar
Chicklets Closet

The Crooked Tree Winery

Franklin Sanitation

The General Store
Lake Disposal
The Charles Herndon Galleries & Sculpture Gardens
Steve Mack, Berkshire Hathaway-Stadtmiller Realty
Krueger Insurance
GFS - Gordon Food Service

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What could be more exciting than a re-write of our Constitution and By-Laws? That was the task we faced in 2014 as we began a review of our official documents. Our members, approved these changes at the annual meeting in August 2014 and revised them in 2017, adopting a 2-term limit for Board Members.

While KIHA has always made certain that our member information is kept secure, and in June 2018 the Board adopted a formal Privacy Police which can be viewed