Newsletters 2020-2029


January 2022 - NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE YET - We bid a very sad goodbye to Patti Fresch and share some favorite photos. Our church doors get a makeover. See who visited us. Jordan Killam reads a Halloween story in the church. Part 4 of Frances Alice Williams Toepfer’s visit to the Island on Decoration Day weekend, 1929. Quilt Winner was Jen Glick of N. Ridgeville. Check out all the unusual items that were donated, including a handmade quilt, a Steiff bear from 1903, and an 88 year old doll (among other items). It’s 1864 and Islanders celebrate the New Year. November 9, 1863 – Rumors surface about a plot to free the prisoners on Johnson’s Island.


September 2021 - NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE YET - Our annual Meeting and the President's Message. Lots of photos of visitors to the museum. The Kellegian newsletter (1951-52) is now online. Photographs from the Arts & Crafts Show and the Members Only cocktail party. Some pretty cool things we received. Part 2 of Frances Toepfer's 1929 visit to the Island. A story from 1844 about the very first school house on the Island and one from 1858 - A complaint for selling intoxicating liquors is heard in the Justice of the Peace court.

July 1, 2021 - NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE YET - Vegas Night cancelled but a member cocktail party is planned. Big turnout for opening day. Julie Valentine is our new gift shop manager. Paul Selfe passed away. Thanks to: LaVerne Kuznar who donated 12 steel shelves, the Lakeside Heritage Society for donating slotted wall boards and 2 file cabinets, and Jim Selfe for his generous contribution to our gift and resale shops. Karen Havlik and Leslie Korenko  secured a veteran star (Civil War) for Simon Huntington’s grave site. June Campbell – our outstanding volunteer. Plans to rehabilitate the bake oven at the State Park. Tax benefits for donating or getting a Life membership if you are 70.5 or older. Projects: new website planned, new windows for parsonage delayed, new annex building for next year and refinishing the church doors. Frances Alice Williams recalls how they bought their Island house (1929). All our great business supporters.

April 1, 2021 - NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE YET - In this issue: Volunteers needed. We mourn Jim McIntire’s passing. We recap the list of virtual tours and online resources on our website. We thank our generous Patron Members. Anne Cassidy and Don Schlesselman say thank you. An update from the Parsonage Resale Shop. Leslie Korenko receives the 2020 OHRAB Citizen Archivist Award which honors volunteers in Ohio’s archives who work long hours, unpaid and often unacknowledged. Some pretty remarkable donations that we have received. A list of new LIFE members appears and some of our most generous donators. Ned Williams shares part 1 of his Aunt Fran’s story about visiting the Island in 1929. A list of our wonderful business members. Board elections coming up. A list of articles that appeared on our History Blog.

January 2021 - NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE YET - A message from our New President. Las Vegas Night might go on. How many people visited our museum and Facebook pags. A list and some stories about some of our donations. We mourn the loss of: L. A. (Lee) Baumler, Anne Sennish, Violet "Vi" Feyedelem. New years 1868 the Historic House index is now online. Our business members.

October 2020- Meet your new Board members: Alexi Panehal and Ned Williams. Outgoing President Cindy Herndon recaps the year. Officers for 2021: Chris Carrig-President, Patti Fresch-Vice President, Michael Beatty-Treasurer and Leslie Korenko-Secretary. She also finished posting the issues of The Islander II 1937-1938 and thanks to Patti Fresch’s patience in scanning each page, we are now posting the Home Town News 1978-1983 on our website. Datus writes to his brother Irad in December 1847. Check out our long list of business supporters.

July 2020 - Vegas night is cancelled but will be rescheduled for 2021.  Meet our Lady Doctors – Dr. Jane Spaulding and Dr. Sarah Henderson as our display this year features Island Doctors in the 1800’s. Our other display describes the great Suffrage debate of 1867. A beautiful June day in 1890. Another of Teri’s beautiful quilts is being raffled off. Election of two Board members at our Annual meeting – meet the candidates.  Tourist accommodations on the Island in July 1880.  People who have contact us. Donations and new members and a list of our business members.

April 2020- Details about the Las Vegas event planned for August, Small museums are growing more popular. Island Doctor Jane Spaulding writes about how she became a doctor. She served the Island from 1866-1873. KIHA purchases the Haas property next door (1/2 funded by donations). The history of an 1852 penny found on the Island. Kosters Dock suffers severe storm damage. Kudos from the Catawba Island Historical Society. New signage at the Glacial Grooves. So many donations were receive from our November appeal. 

January 2020 - A look back on how much our museum has changed since 2015. Looking back at our charter members as we celebrate our 40th year. Our first newsletter appeared in 1986 and is online now. We thank our volunteers. Introducing our new gift shop and the volunteer bucks program. A few more photos from Homecoming. We say goodbye to Roger Williams. Fun photos from several 2019 weddings and a few vintage ones too. Christmas in 1871. Introducing Dr. Fann. Suffrage debates begin in 1867. The Grand Pacific House in New Baltimore Michigan is built with KI stone. The Chamber recognizes KIHA’s accomplishments in “creating memorable and important exhibits in its museum, but also thinking of ways to engage the community.” KILA awarded us with “the best organization” in 1994. Check out who visited the museum as 2816 visitors sign in: Road Scholars, John Friedman, Francis Deitrich, Naomi Spencer and Christine Fanning. 1968 the first police handcuffs arrive on the Island. January 1869, the mail boat made a round trip in one day. A really long list of items donated. Finally, the ever expanding list of businesses who support KIHA.