2010 Spring - Read what the Island was like in 1865, continue ​Webb's story.
​2010 Summer Our new museum will be opening soon, but the 2010 tour of homes was cancelled. Webb continues writing about his troop of Island men in a letter dated July 9, 1864. Jake and Jessie Martin donated a collection of beautiful photos to the museum. Anne Sennish remembers when Ned Haig got stuck on the new Inscription Rock sign. Island school students help move the museum out of the church and into the new building. Sharon Brunell McIntire is recognized for her nearly 24/7 dedication to getting the new museum up and running.
2010 Fall - The new museum opens at last, Webb letters continue and we publish a recipe for Kelleys Island Cake.
2010 Winter - Winter Baseball, c1911 and Webb letters

2011 Winter - British Car Rally, William S. Webb's Civil War letters from July 1964.
2011 Spring - A history of the Francis Metallic Life Boat, Webb's letters continue, Leslie Korenko releases her second Kelleys Island history book and an Interview with Sabra Hamilton from June 1921.
2011 Summer - The new museum hosts an open house. Catherine Christie endows the museum with a gift and Webb's letters of July 12, 13, 14, 1864 appear. The piano donated by Nancy Kelley is restored by Bob Siegfried and Pat Hayes (it was built around 1914). Randy Koch came to the art show in Civil War garb to promote his book Eyes Toward the South.
2011 Fall - Webb's Civil war letters continue.

2012 Spring-Summer - Kastning family reunion, Webb's letters, b​and uniform history, Sturgeon in Lake Erie
2012 Winter - Meet our new President, Chuck Herndon, Webb letters, Wm. McKillips aviator suit, goggles and hat.

​2013 Winter - The Appledore IV (one of the tall ships) comes to the Island. Claudia Brown writes about lake Sturgeon. The Oral History project takes off with interviews with Mary Wielke Bauman, Sis McKillips, Paul Brown and Fritz Ziegler.
2013 April - Celebrate the Battle of Lake Erie. Rob Watkins donated a flag from the Perry Centennial (1813-1823), there are photos of winter volunteers. We remember Sis McKillips. Geraldine Betzenheimer donated an essay her mother Iva Riedy Erne wrote in 1981 about her younger years (part of our Oral History project). Read a review of John Ray Lange's book My Memoirs. Roger Williams tells a story of a flight on the Tin Goose in February 1944.
2013 Summer - Roger Williams retires from the KIHA Board. One time President, John Seaman, passes away. He and his wife once owned the Beatty House on the Island's east side. A little history about the Battle of Lake Erie. The Picciano family donates a large 1910 wine press.
2013 December - A new furnace and air conditioning are installed in the Stone Church. The Tall Ships plaque, honoring those involved in the 2013 Tall Ships celebration is placed in the museum. There is a list of members.

2014 March - The winter the pipes froze and photographs of the damage. The Stone Church is repaired and painted and the floors cleaned and polished. Francis (Frannie) Minshall is remembered. There is a little on the Ford Tri-Motor and a short item about crows as pets.
2014 June - the History of the German Reformed Church and Parsonage
2014 September - Annual meeting and photos from the Arts & Craft Show
2014 December - Grant awards for drainage around the Church and Parsonage, our new website and Facebook page, additions to our collection, some news from the past and a few interesting queries from people searching for their Island roots.

2015 April​​​​​​​​​​​​ - The exhibit this year is Sport Fishing on Lake Erie. Rev. C. E. Haley, St. Michael's Church, wants to organize a group called the Kelleyites (for seasonal residents) and wants an annual Homecoming. January 1885-an Ice Fishing story. We received a grant for an Historic Marker for the church and parsonage. We locate a box of cookbooks-Cookin' Up a Storm, containing some of the best recipes on the island. There is a little history on tapping trees for Maple syrup, old pictures of Ice Fishermen (and women) and Doug Muranyi makes lures.
2015 July - Shirley Selig takes over the Gift Shop. Teri Betzehneimer/Behrends landscapes around the church. We introduce Andrew Muskara, our new board member. 1878-The Himmelein House opens to bass season. 1864-The big debate on how to correctly spell Kelley's Island (Kelley, Kelleys, Kelleys', Kelley's or Kelly Island). This year's quilt is green in memory of Florence McKillips.
2015 October - We dedicate the Island's first Historic Marker celebrating the history of the German Reformed Church and its parsonage. There is a report on the Arts & Crafts Show. For the first time people could ring the church bell. The President's notes from the Annual meeting. Sponsor a window in the church and the history of those beautiful quilts that Terri makes.

2016 January  -​ Rare Kingbird discovered by Gary & Jackie Finger and Tom Bartlett. 2114 people visited the museum. When you shop at GFS or Amazon - they donate back to us. We received an award for our efforts in bringing our inventory online and we welcome Wendy Bromfield, an Americorp volunteer, who will help us streamline our collection and displays.
2016 April - A Roaring 20's themed gala is planned called Breakers Ball. We have a new library and children's room. Our new mascot is Tarzan the Talking Dog of Casino fame. A story about the school bell that was donated and the Lodge. Another story about the Island House pitcher that was almost melted in the big fire of 1877. We have a 'new' museum. For the first time in 5 years, the entire museum has been reorganized, more items are now on display, and almost 100 descriptive posters have been added (thanks Leslie). There are short tidbits from April 1886 (the island wakes up to spring) and February 1887 (as the Islanders file a petition to incorporate into a Village).
2016 July - Tidbits about the Island in the 1920's, a stock certificate from 1876 for the Kelley's Island Wine Co. and Breakers Ball.
2016 October - In this issue – a report on our Annual Meeting highlighting all our accomplishments for the past year. Our guest speakers were Patti and Madison who talked about Prohibition on the Island and shared some of their experiences as bartenders. President Chuck Herndon shares his Vision of what KIHA might grow into. Lots of items were added to our collection wait till you see the list. We welcome new Treasurer Jodie Smith and we elected Chris Carrig to the Board. There is a report on the Arts & Crafts Show, a whole page celebrating Breakers Ball and there are five new children’s books in the gift shop.

2017 January - This year's feature display will be Kelleys Island Kitchens. We recognize our Life members, our Patron and Business members and our Volunteers as well as those who were so generous with their donations. Last year's display, Bars & Saloons, was such a hit, that we moved much of that display over to the Business section of the museum to make room for the new display.
2017 April - A few fun facts about our visitors and followers, Some of what we have been doing all winter, An interesting story about Women’s Work (published in 1867 in the Islander), We remember Ila Dick, A sneak peek at the hunky men of Kelleys Island calendar, We say thanks to everyone who donated, We celebrate the new windows in the church and thank our benefactors, We list just some of the items we received for our collection, And finally, We thank those businesses that support us!
​2017 July - In this issue: A husband makes Hotcakes c1872, The Men of Kelleys Island calendar is a success, the upcoming Annual meeting speaker is Kristen Fussell speaking on Lake Erie's critical issues. We say goodbye to Carol Frindt. Members get a discount on the rental of the historic stone church. Kevin Pape shares the history of the bowling alley house. Along with a retro Kelleys Island Kitchen display, we also added a Farm Life section. We now have five hand sewn quilts and Teri Behrends' 2017 quilt is unveiled. The first waterline is installed in 1894.
​2017 October - The President recaps his report from the annual Meeting. the Parsonage Resale Shop opens, why Oral Histories are so important, a list of our museum volunteers, some tentative long and short term plans. Ned Williams and Dawn Soldner are elected to the KIHA board. A little on our Donor appreciation Cocktail party. Mrs. E. Kl Huntington hosted a meeting of the women voters of Kelley's Island on July 7, 1894. Sixteen ladies were present. Loads of items donated to the museum.

2018 January - New displays for 2018 (electricity and the Island and bathing suits and the Island's bathing beauties). Our Resale Shop was a whopping success. Leslie Korenko puts Part 1 of the Kelleys Island walking tour online (E. Lakeshore from the ferry dock to downtown). We had 2,020 visitors in 2017. A small story about Captain Magle and George Schardt. KIHA receives a $50,000 donation from Pierce Broadband.

2018 April - A sneak peak at our new sign; meet new gift shop manager Beth Rybus; a tidbit from 1894 about Schardt’s Hall and Carpenter’s Grove; we remember Betty Pape; and a story about fishing nets featuring Thomas Miller and George & Carrie Suhr. Part 2 of Leslie’s Walking Tour (from downtown to the History Museum) is now available. We say thank you to Scott Stevenson, Teri Behrends, Bruce Korenko and Steve Mack, share some of the best comments we received, and there is a list of items added to our collection including an ice box, a sea chest, and a farm cultivator (among others).

2018 July - We changed some dates: The Murder Mystery Masquerade is on August 18 and our Annual meeting is now August 25. Sign up for the Arts & Crafts Show. We have two Board positions up for election at the Annual Meeting. Our new business member is Portside Marina/Dockers, find out who won the 50/50 raffle for May and see what someone found on the Island. We share photos of our featured displays and a partial list of items added to our collection. Teri Behrends writes about what it was like living in the Parsonage house and we list all the repairs that we have undertaken there. View all the photos we took on Opening Day at the museum, Get your tickets for the Murder Mystery Masquerade because SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE!! 

2018 October - Election results and the President's message, The Arts &  Crafts Show. The victim is revealed (Murder Mystery Masquerade). A section of the Glacial Grooves was removed in 1944 and in 1914 stone from the Island was used to build Henry Ford's estate in Michigan. The raffle and quilt winners. Our thanks to Tom Pieratt for our new entrance gate. We explore the history of a very unusual chair/table. We bid goodbye to Lee W. Brown and reveal our new logo. Old news from 1894 about the Pure Food Laws. A nice list of donations that we received. 

2019 ​January - A story from January 1877, our visitor stats for 2018, and an unexpected surprise visitor. Kathy Reddinger provided 4 missing issues of the Perchie Press (just 2 more to go for a complete set), which is now online. Work has started on improvements to the Glacial Grooves. We recap our History of Electricity on the Island display. So many people to thank – from our dedicated volunteers to those who made the Murder Mystery Masquerade  such a success (and there are 100 photos of the event on our website) and a whole page of some of the really nice items that were added to our collection.

2019 April - Dear Abby talks about what happens to your cherished positions when no one in your family wants them. Read about our new gift ship and the donation from Vi’s Island Treasures. We are raffling off a 2002 GEM electric car. What happened to the historic marker that was once located by Inscription Rock? The Parsonage will be opening soon and find out what we have planned. Find out how to register your KROGER CARD so we benefit. We have a new drop box for your correspondence with us. Welcome new business member: Chicklets Closet. 1877 – read about the water pail at The Lodge and St. Patrick’s Day. The Governor’s office presented us with a Proclamation for our 38 years of service. Wow, see photos of the work that needed to be done on the church floor. Also photos from the 2018 butterfly fest. There is also a story about how we located graves for two of our Island soldiers (Max A. Schnittker and Carl F. Fedderson) who were killed in action. A little story about that c1830’s wedding dress that we have on display. We added a few more items to our inventory and we mourn the loss of Bea Matso.

2019 July – We need volunteers, Amazon donates to us (but only if you sign up), the Arts & Crafts show is August 3, Win the GEM electric car (get your raffle tickets). Newspaper: Kelleys Life, Seascape (1989-1992) and the Perchie Press (1992-1993) are all online on our website. We acknowledge donations and announce the 50/50 winner for May. Discover the importance of a will (to make sure your Kelleys Island treasures work their way back to us). There are loads of photos from opening day and some of the tour groups. We apologize for not giving credit to Rick Holmes for a photo we used. Our displays this year are an expansion on Commercial Fishing and a little history about the Kelleys Island Navy. There is a short July 7, 1894 news article and a great story about the Vermilion Flood of 50 years ago. We have four new business members: Krueger Insurance Agency, Franklin Sanitation, Crooked Tree Vineyard and the Caddy Shack.

October 2019 - Report of the Annual Meeting and President Cindy Herndon’s message, Michael Beatty is elected to the Board, and Chris Carrig, Patti Fresch, Cindy Herndon and Leslie Korenko are re-elected. Explore the links resulting from the ghost hunters when they visited the Island. Check out the photos of our really talented artists who were at the Arts & Craft Show. We announce the winners: the quilt went to Paula Bier and the GEM Car to Rodney Rosado. We get some unusual questions like the mystery fire brick and the “volcanic stones”. Our museum visitors included members from the Lange, Koster and Sabo families, among others. Our 2020 exhibit will feature the Island Doctors and there is a little history about our earliest doctors. We include a few Islandfest and Homecoming pictures. From 1894 we have an odd court case involving abusive names and indecent language in the presence of females. Be sure to check out the new additions to our collection – we got some really lovely and interesting items. And, finally, be sure to check out our business members – they support us – so why not support them? Make sure you tell them that the Kelleys Island History Museum referred you to them.

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