Butterfly Festival , Yard Sale &

Bake Sale

September 10, 2016 - This was the Island-wide Treasure Island Day and once again we had the biggest yard sale of them all.

For many this is their first stop on the route. We had loads of baked goods and those wonderful cookies from Denise Feasby (they went like the proverbial hot cakes). Then at 11:00, Pat Hayes of the Kelley's Island Audubon Club did his presentation on the Monarch Butterfly, this year inside the church (it so was supposed to rain). The Monarchs were late in coming to the Island this year though.

Here are the photos from this eyar's sale. Becvause of the threat of rain, we moved the sale to the porch AND inside the garage/storage area of the museum. As you can see, there was a lot of traffic all day!

A little history of the Butterfly Festival

The first festival was held on September 18, 1982, one year after the church lease was signed and six months after the Historical Association held its first meeting. Activities included a parade from Neuman's Boat Dock to the church, a bake sale, a presentation on Monarch Butterflies and the release of 30 Monarchs, and a presentation of the deeds to the Association.  Since then, the Association has merged the butterfly festival with the Island-wide yard sale early in September.

Here are some pictures from 2015.
Ila Dick talks with Anne Eddowes over the Bake Sale table.

People gather for the butterfly presentation
It was a really nice sized crowd!

Laura Jean Pohorence, Ed Frindt talk at the Quilt Raffle Table.