SeaScape 1991

1991 Jan-Feb (Vol. 3, no. 1) NOT DONE YET

1991 March-April (Vol. 3, no. 2) NOT DONE YET

1991 May (Vol. 3, no. 3) NOT DONE YET

1991 June-July(Vol. 3, no. 4) 

Corradine Myers writes: Gary & Jackie finger open the Pump for season; elmer Craft dierd, Rosie Craft holds luncheon at Matso’s Place; Carol Krzynowek; Mrs. Kadlec; Lil Phinney; Helen Winnen Kenhoff; Island Singers; Lenny Weintraub died (wife Judy); Jessie Martin; Nadine Brown Elfers died. Henny Beatty’s 90th birthday party; Ramie dick; Charlie & Ann Brown; Carol Elfers Bright at Cape Cod; Eleanore Liwosz died. Ronnie Myers, Lee Myers, the Singer house, Ann Haas.
            Shore Thing-Carole Krzynowek: Island Singers, zion Church, Jackie Finger, Chamber of Commerce, Pat Johnson, KI School had one graduate (Joel Trainer) son of Sandy & Joe Trainer. Bob Bolias out of hospital, Bibber  Overcasher is in hospital. Jean Kuyoth is village clerk. Perchie Press (by T & V Sullivan) new newspaper. Chambers 5-10 Kick: Rich Mayher, Amy Holmes, Omar Zettler, Betsy Wagner, Marty Manzio, William Manzio, Chris Feyedelem and Andy Holmes.
            Jessie Martin continues her history with the Five Sicilians and the 1911 crime: John Barlana, Rothe Klawetch, Domico Silwate, Antonio Dicarie and Antonio Berlin – money and murder. Other news: John Ludu painted the library floor, elementary students hosted students from Pelee, North/Middle/South Bass Islands. Jake Martin transported.      First passenger on the MV Shirley Irene was Joe Nesta’s dog.
            Council notes: New fees, expenses increase, Ed Feick to do evaluation of Village roads,  consider purchase of Dwelle house-Chamber wants to rent ½, landfill fund in red. Discussion on Income Tax for money earned on the Island. Excise Tax collections (apx $12,580 in 1983). Grampa Walleye and his fishing report.

Carole writes: A new KI based publication came out, The Perchie Press. A welcome addition to such a growing Island like Kelleys. I thought about putting the SeaScape to bed with this issue but couldn’t face telling Corradine and Jessie. I would miss their columns so much!
            I will continue as long as there are substantial sales and subscriptions. Deadline for the next issue is July 4.