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Kelleys Island History

​The history of Kelleys Island has been chronicled in wonderful detail in more than a few books. As a result, there is no way that we could give you any type of meaningful account of how this Island community came into existence or grew into the destination that it is today. Some of these books ​​feature personal reminiscences, others contain detailed first-hand accounts from the Islanders, and others provide brief historical stories intermingled with art, recipes or family recollections. Each has a unique. take on the Island's history. ​Here are some of the books that we offer for sale in our GIFT SHOP.....

The History of Kelleys Island by Norman Hills
The first and original book about the Island's History. A History of Kelleys Island, Ohio, by Norman Hills, was originally published  in 1925 and reprinted in 1982. The book is divided into chapters such as the Early Settlers, The Island's Military Record, The Wine Industry, Winter Crossings, The Lodge and the Island House.
This hardbound edition contains 155 pages.​​​​​​​​​  $11.95



The Extraordinary History of Kelleys Island (in 5 volumes) by Leslie Korenko
Kelleys Island 1810-1861, 1862-1865, 1866-1871, 1872-1876, and 1877-1884. These five books, by Leslie Korenko, provide a detailed look at the discovery and development of the island, as told by the Islanders themselves, in their own words. Each book contains articles, stories, letters and court cases, that provide an intimate, and often very funny look at life on the island. Covering the periods 1810-1861 (328 pages published in 2009), 1862-1875 (421 pages published in 2010), 1876-1871 (477 pages published in 2012) and 1872-1876 (440 pages published in 2013), and 1877-1884 (422 pages published in 2015) the reader is transported back in time. The set contains over 2000 pages, hundreds of pictures and an extensive index and bibliography. $24.99 each or $115 for all five.




The Beginnings and Tales of the Lake Erie Islands by Jessie A. Martin
This is a somewhat rare, and definitely hard to find, book by Jessie A. Martin, Island author. It contains a collection of short stories about the Island. 128 pages, published in 1888, $20.95.

This book is out of print, BUT we have a limited number available.

Images of America - Kelleys Island by John Sabol
John Sabol's book contains pictures showing scenes from ​the Island over the years.



Visions of the Past, A memoir of Kelleys Island life in the Great Depression. Lyon Baumler tells a more personal story about his life on the Island during the Depression. Included are stories of Lyon's youth when many roads were still mud; when radio was entertainment; and how the quarry closing affected their lives. Did you know that at the Catholic Church's Christmas pag​ent of 1939 the baby Jesus caught fire from the heat​​​​​ of a light bulb? $8.00   TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT



Big Chuck and Lil John on Kelleys Island
This is our, oh so very popular, DVD of the televisio​n special that Big Chuck and Lil John did about Kelleys Island. A little new, a little old, and a comprenehsive tour of the island.​ $10.00

Cookin' Up a Storm - Cookbook - ​​We recently found a stash of this very popular cookbook that was published in 1982. Recipies include Polish Red Baron, Bread & Butter Pickles, Reese Roll, Short Cake, Hawaiian Pie and Onion Kuchen. Our favorite is the Friendship Cake - which takes 30 days and every 10th day you add a different fruit. There is a starter (made with Brandy) to begin another batch. You will probably recognize some of the names of the ladies who contributed: Mrs. Rose Dwelle, Rita Violand, Jane Lange, Marge Lindecamp, Nadine Mack, Carol Schnittker, Madeleine Williams, Blanche Smith, Dawn Kekelik, Franny Minshall and Helen Marchky. 142 pages, hundreds of recipes, $10.00​


​​ ​

Peregrine, Daring, Exciting, Canoeing Adventures by Stanley Potokar. The canoe they found led to an adventure ​that would take ​them across Lake Erie in the 1930's. They traveled to Kelleys Island, the Detroit River, Canada, Walland Canal, Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence Seaway, Hudson River, Monteal, New York and Vermont, among other places. Stanley spoke at the April 1999 meeeting of the Kelleys Island Historical Assoc. 116 pages, published in 1190,$7.50



​From Kelleys Island Kid to World War II Sailor by Paschal Righi​ (Torpedoman First Class, USS Baldwin).  ​"I believe I witnessed the worst at Normandy. For 50 years, while married, I always avoided relating my experiences. During my service as a U. S. Navy Torpedoman, I wrote many notes depicting what transpired. After my wife passed away in 1998, I reviewed the notes and realized that I had taken part in a large slice of history..." ​128 pages, published in 2010. $12.95




Kelleys Island ​ Homes & Sites - A sampling of island homes and sites, compiled by the Kelleys Island Historical Association. 
This special edition contains descriptions of 50 houses and historic loications on the Island. Each page contains a photo and a nicely concise description of the location. Ever wonder when that house was built, or who lived in that other house, what about those ruins on Division Street? Your answers can be found in this book. 
We are offering a special price of just $5.00.

Kelleys Island, An Island Story - By Claudia Brown. a large, glossy hard cover book containing 80 pages of color and black and white photographs and stories. There is a timeline of important events that occurred on the Island and stories about the Glacial Grooves, Inscription Rock, the wine, fishing and quarry industries. In fact, there are sections on almost all aspects of life on the island. Published in 2007, 80 pages, $15.95.

Beginnings & Tales